grateful for this ride

ferris wheel

Life is one adventure after another.  With twist and turns that we never expect, but must muddle through.  We end up on the floor in a puddle, unsure of where to turn or how to get up.  But someone how we manage.  We reach, we stretch, we grow, and we rise.  We stand taller than we ever knew we could.  We wipe away our tears and boldly face the world.  We jump into the unknown and take  chance on the ferris wheel even when we are terrified.  We take the risk.  We suffer the fall.  We leap without knowing where we are going to land.  

Yes, this is life.  Our one wild and precious life.  We have choosen to live it. To show up in it.  To be present to all the feelings and emotions that rise. We know it will not always be rainbows and butterflies.  We will falter.  We will feel hurt and pain.  We will suffer.  Yet we will also form friendships.  Fall in love.  Make memories that last a life time.  Laugh deeply and find new paths home.  

Along the journey we find ourselves, over and over again.  We discover what moves us.  We become stronger in who we are.  We navigate our own path and reach for our dreams.  We reach further than we ever thought we could go.  We see our dreams come true.  We understand the hard work it takes to make them happen.  We don't give up. We don't ever give up.  

We are grateful for this ride.  For this crazy wild adventure.  For the unknowns.  The twist and the turns.  For the deep love and the warm embraces.  We are grateful for it all.  We know that with love comes pain and we are ok with taking that risk.  We will always risk because with risk comes growth and we are forever growing.