happiness jar

My happiness jar is filling with all sorts of lovely memories.  I am still enjoying the ritual of sitting down each night and writing down my happy moment.  It allows me time to reflect on all that was and a chance to say thank you to myself for what I have created and movements I have gone through.  

In honor welcoming in March {and just like I had done in February}, I dug my hand into my happiness jar and pulled out a slip of paper.  It was wonderful to be transported back to a moment in January where I was at NY Yankees Women's Fantasy Camp and Monica and I were chatting during lunch.  We were talking about things I am passionate about . . .  choosing to live . . . navigating a healthy lifestyle . . .  running  . . . working out.  The conversation filled my soul and inspired me to keep moving forward.  

These small moments in time can easily slip away.  So often we are running from one thing to the next that we do not take the time to document what we were feeling.  When I was younger I would fill my journal with these types of moments but lately I haven't had the time to do that. Writing one single moment down each night allows an easy way to capture this.  I am so grateful for my happiness jar and for the gratitude that it is instilling in me.  

I cut more slips of paper and I am ready to capture March.  Having these slips of paper cut and ready to go makes it super easy for to keep up this practice each night.  I love using my scrap booking paper that has been tucked away for so long.  It brings so much color to the jar and makes me so incredibly happy.  

Have you created a happiness jar?  I would love to see an image of it.  Share it over on the love notes Facebook page.  

What one thing has made you happy today?  Share it in the comments below so we can all be happy with you.