i believe

I believe that when we share the truth of our stories we connect with one another.  We open up.  We see that we aren't alone.  We understand a little more clearly the truth of our struggle and we can move forward a little bit easier.  

I believe that we aren't meant to go through this journey alone.  We are here for each other.  We need to lean in, reach out, and be there for one another.  We need to trust and allow ourselves the opportunity to be seen. 

I believe that we must choose laughter, even in the difficult moments.  We need laughter.  It heals us and helps to ease the pain, even if for just a little bit.  

I believe in the power of love.  For it is love that get's us through.  It is love that makes us stronger.  And it is love that opens us up wide.  

I believe that we are all meant to fly.  We did not come here to live small, this is not what the world wants from us.  We must spread our wings, seek out what moves us soar!

What do you believe in?