january joyful jar

happiness jar

This is my first year I am using a joyful jar and it has made me so happy!  You can read my initial post about it HERE, but the intent is simple:

  • Get one jar
  • Each night write down one thing that made you happy
  • Drop it in the jar

It has been such a delight to watch this jar fill up with colorful slips of paper.  The jar sits on the center of my kitchen table.  I precut a bunch of paper and have them ready to go next to my jar along with a marker.  Seeing the jar every day and having the paper ready to go has made it super simple for me to keep up with the practice.  

Have you been keeping your own jar?

I thought it would be fun at the end of each month to dig my hand in and pull out one slip of paper.  To have a moment of celebration for one of my happy moments.  So I did just that.  I dg my hand in and pulled out:

:: Waking up this morning feeling so well rested.  The blanket feeling soft.  The waking up easy and gentle.  Yes, this is happiness ::

I write my moments down each night before I slip into bed.  The house quiet.  The day coming to a close.  It has been the perfect night time ritual.  

Go ahead and dig your hand into your own jar.  Pull out one slip of paper and together let's celebrate your happy moment.  I would for you to share it in the comments or over on the love notes Facebook page.  Celebrating is way more fun when we do it together!