keep stepping forward

Some days you feel like you have been knocked down
Struggling to get back up
An enormous weight crushing your heart and shattering your every move
You can't tell up from down
And you wish you would have just stayed in bed
We all have had these days
It could be just one thing that knocks you to your knees
Or many tiny little ones
It becomes a struggle to take that next step forward
But you must
Because you do not know what is on the other side
A new opportunity
Another chance
That ray of sunshine that will brighten everything
Yes, of course I know it could just be something else to knock you down
But you must keep moving forward
Because eventually you will get through
You will come out on the other side
One way or the other
Lean on others when you need support
Reach out
Ask for help
Remember, you aren't in this alone
Keep stepping forward