letter writing month :: the letters you most need to write

Sometimes the letter you most need to write is to yourself.  There are words that have yet to be spoken but are longing to be whispered. They are your deepest desires.  The dreams your heart thinks about but is too afraid to say out loud.  You stuff it deep down trying to nudge away the feeling because you know it takes risk to go after.  Your heart could end up broken.   The dream could become shattered.  Where would you go from there if that happened?  So away the thought goes, never to be spoken about.  

These desires are the pieces that need to be written down.  They deserve to be heard and a chance to have their own moment in the sun.  Taking the time to breathe life into them allows you the opportunity to quietly acknowledge how important they are to you and slowly set it into motion.  Once it is in motion you never know how it will play out.  Your job is to take this bold step and give it that initial movement without knowing what the outcome will be.   

Letter Prompt #1

Write a letter to yourself from the future and pretend that the tiny dream you have living in your heart has come true.  Share where you are and the journey you took to get there.  Include all the tiny details and what you are doing.  How you feel and what has changed in your world because you dreams has come true. Write directly from the heart.  


There are also stories that you have been carrying around.  They are weighing you down. Filling your head with words that are untrue.  You need to write this out of you.  You need to allow yourself space to let it all spill out onto the page so that you no longer have to hold it.  It is time for you to let go.  

This letter is written with the intent of not sending it.  This allows you complete freedom to write from the heart to whatever situation or person you have been carrying around.  Now is your chance to say all of the things you always wanted to say.  Now is the time to make space for something good and set free what is bringing you down.  Now is the time to forgive. 

After you write the letter destroy it.  Rip it up, set it on fire, crumble it into a tight ball and toss it in the trash can.  You no longer need these words.  Let them go.  

Letter Prompt #2

Write a letter to the person or thing you have been holding onto that has been dragging you through the mud.  Get out everything you need to say, everything.  Close the letter with kindness and let this person or thing know that you are letting it go.  Let them know that you no longer need to carry this burden and you are done.  

And sometimes the letter you most need to write but feel strange about doing so is a love letter to yourself.  Yes, to written by you for you.  It is in this letter where you have the opportunity to love deeply on who you are.  To be gushy and real.  To celebrate the handwork you are doing and recognize how far you have come.  Yes we all need to show ourselves a little bit of love!   

Letter Prompt #3

Write a love letter to yourself!  Begin with . . .
       dear stunning soul  {an opening that is filled with love}
           I am so proud of you for . . . .
           You have accomplished . . . 
           Each day you show up and . . . 
           I can't believe you know how to . . . 
          Just look at . . . 
      Love madly and deeply, your biggest fan {an ending that is filled with love as well}


Spend some time this week writing these very personal letters.  See how it feels to spend time on YOU!  Be gentle and tender.  Love yourself up deeply!  

Are you looking to explore writing a little deeper?  Are you drawn to the page but just don't know where to begin?  

Join me for brave journaling.

From May 1st - May 21st I encourage you to show up on the page and provide you writing prompts to dive deeply into.  

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