love notes begins, again

Another round of the Love Notes Postcard Project (#lovenotesjb)  began this Sunday and I am ecstatic!  I started this project for two reason:

  1. I LOVE snail mail
  2. I was craving connection and thought others might be as well

The project is simple ... for three weeks you are matched up with someone, each Sunday I provide a writing prompt, and then you fill out your postcard in response to the prompt.  Yup, it is that easy and the only cost is the postcard and a stamp.  

When I began this project I had no idea how it would unfold.  All I knew was that the only thing that arrived in my mailbox were bills and that needed to change.  I needed  sunshine and words that I can dig into.  Something beautiful that I could hold in my hand that would push me to pause.  And so the Love Notes Postcard Project began.    

Individuals who have participated have taken this project above and beyond my wildest dreams.  Some create mini works of art that they send through the mail, others continue to write to one another long after the round is over, and some have even formed deep friendships.  This is  my 13th time hosting and each time it get's better and better.

I wish there was a way for me to wave my magic wand and have everyone together.  It would be lovely to see everyone's face, chat about what's important in our lives, and share our mutual passion for snail mail.  But, since participants are from all over the world that isn't physically possible.   So I invite you to gather on the virtual dock.  It is here where we can visit one another's virtual front porches.  Where we can get a peak into their lives and a feel for where they are writing from.  Stop by and say hello.  

virtual dock

I am {secretly} dreaming up mini love note gatherings.  An afternoon together around the table where we can meet and write love notes with one another.  An open space where we can show up exactly as we are and be surrounded my kindred spirits.  Is this something you would be interested in?  

It is amazing how this project started out as a conversation between Dustin and I.  An inkling of an idea.  Bouncing thoughts back and forth with one another.  And then just going ahead and taking the leap to see what would happen.  I am so glad that I took that leap.  It has brought me here to round 13 and knowing that there is so much love and beauty fluttering through the postal system. So fun!  

What idea do you have bubbling?  What little thing do you maybe want to try?  Give it a chance for you never know what will come of it.