Love Notes Postcard Project

The Love Notes Postcard Project is back and it is one of my favorite things to host.  First of all it is FREE!  All it takes is the cost of a stamp and a postcard.  Plus, the project is super attainable since it is only three weeks. All you need to do is send out one postcard a week based off the writing prompt I provide on each Sunday.  

Here is how it works:

  • I will match you up with someone
  • Each Sunday you will receive a writing prompt
  • You respond to that writing prompt on the postcard and drop it in the mail
  • Wait for the ray of sunshine to arrive in your mailbox from your partner.  That is it!

I choose postcards for this project because the writing space is less intimidating and when they pass through the hands of the mailman or postal workers they are sure to brighten their day as well.  

This round begins April 12th and I hope you will join us.  Click HERE to sign up!  

I would love for you to join us.  I have had people from all over the world participate and it makes my heart smile knowing that rays of light are getting spread all over the world.  

If you have a question about the Postcard Project feel free to reach out to me at