love notes postcard project is back!!

Is your mailbox feeling lonely?  
Have you only been receiving bills and mailers?  
Do you long for a little handwritten bit of sunshine to surprise you?  

Look no further than the Love Notes Postcard Project

This FREE  project only requires

  • Three postcards
  • Three stamps
  • And an open heart

Next round begins July 12th

Here's how it works:

  • You will get paired up with another participant
  • Each Sunday for three weeks (beginning July 12th) a writing prompt will arrive in your email box
  • Simply respond to the writing prompt on your postcard and drop it in the mail before Thursday
  • Keep a look out in your mailbox for a postcard from your partner

That's right, simple and fun!  

Pop on over to the Love Notes Postcard Facebook Page to say hello and check out below for some of the postcards sent in previous rounds on Instagram #lovenotesjb

So what do you say?  Are you in?  Just fill out the form below to say YES! to sending and receiving a little LOVE!

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