savor the moments

We took off on a mini adventure.  A night away to refuel our love tanks, slow down, and savor one another.  Road trips are one of our favorite things to do together.  Chatting in the car, singing along to the radio, listening in on the truckers conversations, and quiet moments of comfortable silence.  It is lovely to leave home and arrive somewhere new all in the a matter of hours.   

Adventure awaits around every corner.  New roads to explore, senses to be filled.  

We breathed in the ocean air while listening to the sound of the waves.  We stumbled upon a really old cemetery and watched the sunset together.  We explored, giggled, and loved.  

So easily we can get caught up in the hustle of life.  We need to take the time to slow down.  Even if it is just for the night.  We need to sink into this wildly precious life and enjoy it with the people we love.  Life brings us so much joy, we must slow down a bit to savor it.