taking that step forward

Stop and savor this moment
This tiny sliver of time where you are taking a brave step forward
You have no idea where it is going to lead, but you are taking the step anyway
You know you have to do it
You know if you do not you will always wonder
You have no idea where this one step will lead you
It may not end up being what you had hoped or thought
Or it may just be the dream you have been always looking to hold onto
All that matters right now, in this moment is that you are doing it
You listened to the sound of your heart
You tuned in to what it was really desiring and you found an opportunity 
You know it would have been easier to set it aside, make up excuses, not explore your options
But you did not do that
You found a path and you are willing to venture down it
Celebrate this moment
Do not let it pass without you acknowledging that this big
It is a shift, a slight shift to a grand unknown
Step boldly into it