the notebook will save you

It is your notebook that will save you time and time again.  Yes, the blank page providing you space to spread out, dream, and release.  It is your notebook that catches your words and holds your deepest thoughts.  It heals you and helps guide you home.  

It is the friend you can always count on.  Providing you the opportunity to go back and see how far you have come.  It also gives you a place to work out where you want to go.  There are never any judgments.  Just space to grow.  

Carry you notebook with you.  It is there for you any time you need it.  A new blank page like a clean slate, ready to catch any story you throw at it.  Gravitate towards the words.  Be thankful for this resource.  

Your notebook is a place to spill you heart.  To be vulnerable and be seen.  It is a moment for quiet reflection and a chance to write the scary story that your heart longs to tell.  It is love and deep emotion. A paragraph of meandering and one sentence that tells the whole story.  It is in the pages of your notebook were you will find yourself time and time again.

Writing is a blessing and it is something that you can do.  You write a grocery list my dear, you are a writer.  It is a string of words together on the page.  A moment, a thought, a sentence, sometimes just one single word.  There is no right and there is no wrong.  It is open and forgiving.  

Writing is a courageous act that allows your heart space to breathe.  There are moments when you aren't sure where or how to begin but it doesn't have to be so hard because where you begin may not be where you end up.  When you grant yourself permission and allow your heart to do the writing your honest story emerges.  The one you most need to tell.  

Writing is a gift you give yourself.  

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I invite you to join me for 21 days of journaling where together we will show up on the page and write from a place of tenderness.  Grant yourself permission to practice and allow whatever comes up space to breathe.  

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