there is something about mothers

There is something special about Mothers.  They love unconditionally.  They see you for who you are and support you.  They look past all the hardships that you put them through and they are there.  

It is incredible how Mothers love.  How they show up. Take days off to babysit and let you do your laundry at their house.  They know exactly what will make you happy, and they do it.  No questions asked.  

Mothers, there are no words that properly describe them because they are amazing.  They are superheroes without the cape.  They clean up spills.  They hold your hand.  They are there for you when you are at your worst and celebrate along side of you when you are at your best.

They are at each sporting event, even when it is freezing or pouring rain.  They trek miles to cheer you on as you run 26.2.  They yell the loudest and are the proudest.   

Oh Mothers, they do it all.  They create moments that become memories.  They tell corny jokes and laugh deeply.  They plan vacations at the beach, surprise parties, and backyard gatherings.  They know that the best moments in life are spent with family.  

Yes, there is something special about Mothers and my mother was this and so much more.  She was not only my mother, she was my friend.