this is YOUR life

Boldly step into YOUR life
Because you only get one chance at it
Do what moves YOU
Follow your own heart
Do not let anyone tell you what you can an cannot do

This is YOUR chance
To fill yourself with happiness
To choose the hard road
Because you know in the end it will lead you where you want to go
Do not give up

Today is YOUR day
A fresh start to begin again
A new opportunity to risk and love with your whole heart
Take chances
Don't let the moment pass you by

YOU are the author of your life
Each day a blank page
You decided how it is going to end
And what happens along the way
How will you write today's story

Remember to choose love, always
Spread kindness
Show compassion
Be present
When you reach out, others reach in

This is YOUR one wild and precious life
Go for it
Live big
And love wide
Write the best story yet