Yankees Women's Fantasy Camp :: going back!

I am heading back to Yankees Women's Fantasy Camp for the fifth year in a row.  I do not play in the camp but love going each year to cheer on my three Aunts and the entire Bomber Team.  They suit up in the pinstripes and step out onto the field with so much happiness.  

It is inspiring to see these women show up year after year.  Fun is had and friendships have been formed. The love of the NY Yankees brought us together, but there is something so much more that keeps us connected.  I love going back each year and seeing these inspiring women.  It feels like home and they feel like family. 

I sit on the sidelines with the other amazing fans but I still feel so much apart of the experience.  There are some who will not be making it back this year and they will be missed!  

I am so grateful that my aunts took the chance and showed up to this experience.  I look forward to it each year.  It is like art camp for baseballs fans.  You show up initially for the baseball . . . but then the experience and friendships become so much more.  

It is going to be good, so very good!  Looking forward to some warm sunshine, lots of laughter, and plenty of cheers  . . .

Let's go Bombers!!!