YOU are glorious

What I want you to know is that you are glorious
Yes, YOU
Makeup free, hair a mess, still in your PJ’s
Know that the only person you need to be in this life is YOURSELF
Exactly as you are
Do not aim for perfection
It does not exist
Simply do the best you can
Show up
Live in the moment
Make plans for the future
And allow your heart space to dream
You are FIERCE
Feel it, believe it, know it, LIVE IT
Do not let anyone put out your light
What you do and who you are matters
It all matters
These tiny moments that feel insignificant
They have the ability to uplift and change someone’s day
This is powerful
Choose LOVE, always
Seek, search, and sometimes let go
What you once thought was all you wanted
May become something else
Stay fluid and open to change
Follow your heart, it won’t steer you wrong
Remember, you are GLORIOUS
In all you do
In all you say
In all you are