mail! real mail

To me mailboxes feel like magical portholes.  They open up opportunity to connect with individuals through handwritten words or surprise packages.  They are a mystery box of communication.  

I love how handwritten words are filled with intention.  When you take the time to write someone a note you are encouraged to slow down and really think about what you want to say.  When you drop it in the mailbox you are unsure of when it will arrive to them, but you know that when it does it will be an incredible surprise.  This is all part of the magic.  

Unfortunately I feel that less and less people are pulling out postage stamps, addressing letters, and dropping them in the mail.  This makes my heart sad and one of the reasons I started the Love Notes Postcard Project.  I wanted to bring back the magic and encourage more people to send snail mail.    

This FREE  project only requires:

  • Three postcards
  • Three stamps
  • And an open heart

Next round begins April 3rd

Here's how it works:

  • You will get paired up with another participant
  • Each Sunday for three weeks (beginning April 3rd) a writing prompt will arrive in your email box
  • Simply respond to the writing prompt on your postcard and drop it in the mail before Thursday
  • Keep a look out in your mailbox for a postcard from your partner

That's right, simple and fun!  Click HERE to sign up.  

This will be the 15th time I have hosted this project and people from all the Unites States and the world have participated.  I believe so strongly in connecting through handwritten words that my goal for this round is to get one person from each state in the US sending and receiving some love.  Wouldn't that be so fun!  

I need your help.  In order to get someone from each state  I need your help spreading the word.  Please share with your friends and let them know that their mailbox doesn't have to just be filled with coupons and bills ... they can also receive little rays of sunshine.  And if you know someone in Alaska and Hawaii {I feel these are going to be two really hard states} let them know about this project.  

Together let's spread the LOVE!

As individuals sign up I am going to color in the state they are from.  Hopefully I can fill up the entire map of the US.  This does not mean that international sign up's aren't welcome.  Of course this project is also international.  I just thought this would be a fun goal to try to reach.  

Along with sushine in your mailbox there is also an incredible group that has gathered over in the Love Notes Postcard Facebook Page   Pop on over and say hello.  Also check out some  of the postcards sent in previous rounds on Instagram #lovenotesj