happiness is always there, take a moment to see it

I arrive home exhausted. The weight of the work day can been seen in my tired eyes.  Running from meeting to meeting I didn't get a chance to step outside and breathe in the fresh air.  I feel has if I have been put through the ringer, all my energy depleted. 

Darkness has set in and feel a pang of regret for not seeking out the light.  

Nothing grand happened today.  No monumental moment of fun.  It was an average workday where I felt buried in all that I needed to accomplish  But admits the piles of paper, the inbox filled with emails that need responding, and the countless number of meetings I know that there is still something to be grateful for.  Even if it is only one thing there is something that has filled my heart with happiness.  

Before heading off to bed I pause in front of my happiness jar and pull out one slip of paper. I take the time to reflect on my day and think about what moment I want to write down.  There was the text from a friend that arrived right when I needed it most.  There was the way he smiled when I tucked him in before I headed out the door.  The light of my salt lamp on my desk filing my heart with peace and calm.  The warmth of my heated seat on the cold morning drive.  The way the printer cooperated and did not jam as I was running to get something printed moments before the meeting.

What may have felt like an exhausting day was filled with ordinary moments of goodness.  It is these slivers of time that make up my days and if I do not slow down to appreciate them they will simply slip away.  

Moments of happiness do not need to be grand and extravagant.  It can be as simple as a smile from a stranger.  A warm bed in the morning.  A chance to begin again.  

Take the time seek out the happiness.  Cherish every bit of it and the love the heck out of your life.  For each moment is a new beginning.  An opportunity to choose the light over the darkness.  What moment made you happy today?