sacred moments


I crave moments over possessions.  Tiny pockets of time where connection runs deep.  My heart opens up and a lasting memory is created.  This is more important to me than fancy shoes or an expensive vacation.  The best moments occur through a shared experience.  

Randomly finding a beautiful spot along side of a pond and spending all day there chatting and laughing.  

Coffee talk chats

Long walks

Getting lost in the woods

These precious moments fill my heart.  It is what gives purpose and meaning to my life.  Yes, nice things are well, nice.  But for me they are not a necessity.  I need the basics for survival.  Not the fanciest car, biggest house, or most expensive piece of jewelry.  

"I'm just searching for moments"  (One Week)

I crave living simply.  Letting go of material things.  Carving out time for adventure.  Taking a chance to connect.  Pushing myself out my comfort zone.  

I want to sit side by side and hear what is in your heart.  I want to hold hands, hug deeply, see you as you are.  I want to spend time together and learn all about your story.  As human beings we need one another.  We crave connection.  We aren't meant to go at it alone.  

So join me for a walk. Tell me what it is that lights you up.  What is your favorite memory? What do you hope to achieve?  How can we connect more deeply?  Together lets create sacred moments of love and joy.