snail mail sunday

When is the last time you took a moment to sit down and write someone a letter?  Yes, with a pen and paper.  Has it been so long that you cannot even remember? The Love Notes Postcard Project sparks my creativity throughout the year but even in between rounds I find it is important to  send out little bits of snail mail love.

There does not need to be a special occasion to send out a card or letter.  And you do not need any fancy type of paper.  I am sure around your home right now you have something you could write on, and something you could write with.  

Sundays have become turned into my day to take time to write out some snail mail love.  It feels good to intentionally write to someone.  To think of them as the words spill onto the page and to know that they will be surprised when the letter arrives.  

Aren't sure what to say?  How about starting with one of these prompts:

  • I remember the first day we met.  You were ____ and I was ____.  
  • My most favorite memory of us together is ....
  • Top three things I love about you are ...

Go ahead and send someone a letter.  I guarantee you will make their day.