Step out from the shadows

The time has come for you to emerge from the shadows.  To stand tall in who you are.  To actively go after your dreams. You were not brought here to act small. Live out loud.  Take up space. Allow yourself the opportunity to be seen and heard by sharing your voice with compassion. Choose grace.  Be curious and open your heart to what is possible. Make plans for the future but do not hold onto them to tightly. Allow  the unknown to unfold before you and unearth the joy it unleashes. Choose to reach out your hand. Be kind to others. Smile often. Know that the good you put out will come back to you and not allow you to stand know the shadows for to long. 

Yes, the time has come for you to shine. Dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to celebrate. Because today is your day. Create it with brilliance and radiate boldly.