stepping forward

Meet me at the waters edge
Together we will stop time
Even if just for a brief second
As we savor the sound of the oceans tide
Holding hands
And sharing our dreams of what we can become
Carrying with us the stories of the past
Recognizing what we learned
And stepping boldly into this moment
We understand we cannot rewrite what has been done
And we know that neither of us wants to
For it is what has shaped us
Unexpected twist and turns
Detours down unknown roads
A lifetime of learning tucked inside our hearts
We understand it won't be easy
But nothing worth it ever is
What we do know is that we are stepping forward, together
As we look out into the horizon
Our future looks bright
Even though we are uncertain of the details it holds
We know we must take the risk
Leaping into the great unknown
Unprepared for what's to come
Our hearts are filled with hope
Our minds are set on the road ahead
Together we embark on this great adventure called life