you are not alone

If there is one thing I could tell you in this moment it would be that you are not alone.  I know there are times when it may feel that way.  You think no one understands you and you are on an island.  But here is the thing.  You are not.  

You are not alone

There are individuals who love and adore you.  They are cheering you on.  They want to see you smile.  They care deeply about it.  I know when you are in the thick of it, it is hard to see that they are there.  But they are.  

Do not hesitate to reach out.  They want to help you.  They want to be there for you.  Sometimes people don't know you are going through something until you tell them.  Don't be shy.  Share your heart.  Be vulnerable.  Be brave.  When you do this others see your strength.  They feel your heart.  And they lean deeply in.  

We are all human and we have the same feelings and emotions.  We may not all go through the same experiences, but we understand the feelings.  We know what hurt, disappointment, fear, love, and sadness feels like.  When we see others hurting, we want to help.  

So remember.  You are not alone, ever.