begin today


What is that one thing you want to do?
Get in shape
Eat healthier
Clean out the closet
Come on, you know there is something that has been lurking on your list
What is it?
Say it out loud

It is so easy to put things off
To say you'll do it tomorrow, and then say that over and over again
Beginning can be difficult

But today, yes today
Is as good a day as any to begin

If you start today I can guarantee you will be grateful you did
And most likely you won't stay on track right away
But if you keep showing up
If you say yes, instead of no
Before you know it you will begin to see progress 
And you will be blown away

You can accomplish that thing you thought you never could
You can do pushups and even pull ups
You can run three miles
You can choose to eat healthy, rather than grabbing for the chocolate
Yes, you can!  

It is not as hard as you make it up in your mind to be
And you can do it
Take that first step
Even if its a small one
Show up, even if it is for only 20 mins
Be present, stay focused, and celebrate the successes

You got this
You totally got this
Remember, today is as good a day as any to begin
Begin today!