new star in heaven

This life we are living is precious
It is fleeting
We never know when we are going to take our last breath
Say our last goodbye
Look into the eyes of our loved ones, one last time

It is all a mystery
A great big mystery
And there is only one thing to do

Heart open
Love spilling out
Embracing the laughter
Soaking in the moments
Seeking out the beauty

Do not be fearful of saying "I love you"
Show the world how deeply you care
Know how that others want to see you shine
Hold hands
Let go into deep embraces

This is your one chance
Live wide open
Know how much you are loved
And show your love to others

Today a dear soul passed on.  She filled this world with so much light and I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with her.  Her smile brightened up the room.  She encouraged others to live with love and intention.  And even though we only spent a small pocket of time together her love and life will always be in my heart.  

Sending you so much love Lisa as you travel onto a new journey.  Holding your family in my heart as they navigate this difficult time.  xo