New Paltz, NY

While hiking on Sunday I was flooded with the thought "I really want to be strong, I really want to be strong, I really want to be strong." This thought consumed me. I thought about how this is the moment in my life to make myself strong.

But what does strong mean? I thought back to


, and how I learned that one word can mean something so different to someone else than what it means to me. Words hold their own meanings in all of our hearts based on where we are in life in that particular moment.

Currently strong means to me:

  • the willingness to put myself out there, be bold and brave
  • facing the challanges in front of me with grace
  • feeling confidant and comfortable in my own skin
  • fully embracing what I love and going for it
  • physically feeling fit and healthy
  • reaching out and asking for help when I need it

I want to feel strong and face this life head on.