I am so thankful today for many thinks including but not limited to ...

* This warm sunny day that I have been blessed with

* Spending time with my family, they always bring a smile to my face and make me laugh

* Having such fun and wonderful parents, brothers, and sister in laws

* My studio apartment which houses my creativity and dreams and shelter's me

* Being healthy to ride mile after mile on my bicycle

* The amazing people I have met through this community and the incredible support they give me

* Being able to put thoughts and feeling into words down on paper

* Working ~ with people that are kind and having someone to spend lunch with

* The sound and smell of the ocean ~ it calms me, brings me back, and reminds me to feel

* For having the opportunity to experience, feel, and truly enjoy all that is around me

* For being aware of life and living it

What are you grateful for today?