all of you

photo taken while driving home and smiling thinking of all of you

Do you know what you guys do to me

Each time a comment appears from you

Or when a card arrives in my mailbox

Do you know how my heart sings

When a simple text messages is sitting in the palm of my hands

Or a little note appears

I sit here smiling

Thinking of all of you

And all the ways you brighten my days

Sometimes when I need it most

When my heart is sad or I just need to smile

One of you will appear, as if you knew

It is amazing how connected we all are to one another

There is no distance to far

for two heart and souls to connect

Words cannot convey this feeling

This heart swelling pride

That sings inside of me

I am a better person because of all of you

I am stronger, braver, and I smile more often

I am happy because I have you guys in my life

Thank you for being my little angels

For watching over me, loving me,

And seeing me

I adore you

I admire you

and I love you