She learned

She learned that her stubbornness can be a virtue but there are times and certain things that she must let go of. For her own sake, she must release the feelings evoked because of other people’s actions.

She learned that doing this would not be easy. She has to accept the person for who they are. Even if she does not agree. Even if there are parts of them that are dark and hurt her at times.

She learned that she should never, ever feel guilty about any of this. Because they are their choices, their decisions, and they have nothing to do with her.

She learned that she could not change their minds. She can only open up the door for them, show them what else is out there, and hope that by doing so they step through the door and enter a whole new world of possibilities.

She learned that life is not always easy. But what is great is that life is always something. That means that life keeps on going. And that is beautiful.