I have

The stars have


for me

Somehow, someway

I am lucky

So incredibly lucky

I have my feet

They help me travel

Step by step they lead me on new adventures

Take me to new experiences

And help me stand tall in who I am

I have my legs

They carry me

Always standing back up after every time I fall down

Scars on my knees tell the stories

Of the risks I have taken

The stumbles that have made me stronger

And they weave together pieces of my story

I have my core

Which houses my heart and soul

They each guide me

Entice me to try new things



Take that next step

And embrace the beauty that is close at hand

My heart soaks in the happiness that swirls around me

And guides me during my sadness

My soul heals all things

And grounds me

I have my arms

That lift me up

Hug the ones I love

And encircle all things that fill me up

I have my hands

That love to hold



They wipe away my tears

And clap in


They write the words that flow from my heart and head

And touch the lives of others

I have my head



my brain

Allowing me to think

Decide what I want to do

Be who I am

Dream up incredible things

And create the things I desire

I have my ears

That listen to sweet music

Which makes my feet want to dance

It hears secrets passed between friends

Ideas blossoming and a friends encouraging words

I have my eyes

That take in all the beauty around me




Someone smiling

All the words that I soak up

My eyes see you, all of you

I have my mouth

To taste the delicious foods that nourish my body

Feel the kiss of a tender soul

To whisper I love you, and tell you how much I care

I have me

All of me

And for this

I am