sharing our stories

Oregon Coast, October 2009

I have always struggled with speaking

I get tounge tied

My words come out rushed

My thoughts mixed up

My voice never loud enough

Always leaving people saying "what"

and me feeling frustrated

But give me a pen and a piece of paper

and it flows out of me

My thoughts more elegant on this medium

I can say how I feel

And it comes out easily


Right now, in this moment

With pen in hand

I am unable to say how I feel

I cannot seem to find the right words

My hand is tounge tied

I am blown away

Comepletly blown away

I am the witness of an unearthing

of an

incredible soul

Showing the world her brave, authentic beautiful self

The one I see

Every time I look at her

I never before called myself a writer

Sure, I wrote all the time

Always jotting thoughts down

in my private journal

As a child more drawn to the card

than the actual gifts

during my birthday

But me, a writer

I never would have used that word

Until recently



has made me feel

Like I am a writer

That thought blows me away

I, somehow, cracked her open

and she infused me

with a word I have been struggling with


It is amazing what two people

can do for one another

Even from such a distance

It reminds me

To never stop sharing my story

All of us need to share our own stories

I can