trying to remember

She does not remember affection. Sure, she was loved. But she wishes that she could remember the hugs. The words 'I love you' being said. The smiles on their faces when she accomplished something. She knows the moments happened. But she cannot remember them.

She remembers getting in trouble for the chocolate milk spilled on the walls in the living room. To this day she still cannot figure out how it got there.

She remembers getting getting in trouble and having to go to her room. She sat right against the door and cried.

She remembers sitting in the living room alone watching television when her mom found out that her friend died. The sound her mom made that day is still with her. At times when her mom laughs it sounds just like that moment and she is


taken back.

She wonders why it is so easy to remember these things yet her mind has seemed to be wiped clean of hearing the words 'I love you' and getting hugged. She wants to remember these moments. She closes her eyes and tries so hard to remember. But she struggles to find these memories in her mind.

She knows they are there. But she cannot remember.