I can feel all of you

Deep in my heart

I can hear you cheering me on

I read your encouraging words

But to hug you

Look deep into your eyes

Hold your hands

That is what I long for

How I wish I could scoop you all up

And plant you right beside me

So we could go for long walks

Talk over coffee

Go on adventure walks snapping photos

And paint together side by side

How I long to hear your voice

Listen to your story

Look deep into your eyes

And simply,

just be with Y.O.U

How I miss you

I wish I could buy a ticket

So I could be by your side

See what your day to day life is like

See where you live

What you do

Meet your family

And see Y.O.U

Just as you are

I miss you all

I love you all

Are you sure,

you do not want to move to NJ?

Or at least visit for a short while?