A small four letter word that holds so much within it

hope, hope, hope

There are many things in this world that I "hope" for

When things we hope for do not happen

We are left feeling disappointed, sad, and most likely upset

When things we hope for do happen

We are elated, filled with joy, and overwhelmed with happiness

Two different emotions


from one common thing


Is it worth it?

To hope for something?

To dream about it, envision what life would be like if it happen?

It is good to get excited about it, even though we do not know the outcome?

The potential let down can be


But the thrill of it happening is joyous

So do you hold onto hope?

The feeling that what is wanted can be had?

Do you


and trust that your desires will unfold before you?

Do you put your guard down and


to the potential of the unknown?

I know I do

** ~ are you hoping for anything these days?  if you are I would love to hear about it. ~ **