The moment

On the surface you can only see so much

You can look into



Feel their arms as they wrap them around you

Listen to their laughter

And smile with them

But deeper than that lives so much more




The things that make them smile inside

Fill their lives with joy

The things they do not share with just anyone

But if you wait long enough

If you are patient

Kind and caring

They may just surprise you

And open up

You may find out about their love for reading

Their joy of being on stage

Or their desire to move back "home"

You may see a side of them you never knew was their

The one they keep safely concealed

Until they know you

Until they trust you

When someone shares these pieces of themselves with you

Your heart opens up a little bit more for them

You see a side of them you never knew was their

And feel


to witness it

Because of who you are

They felt comfortable enough to just be themselves

And that is a piece of what makes this life so beautiful

The connection that two people make

The moment when two souls share pieces of themselves with each other