Book Fairy ~ Update

After I spread my

book fairy wings

And left "

Ordinary Sparkling Moments

" in the park

I wondered about who it was that scooped up this treasure

Did they appreciate it?

Did they share it with anyone?

Were they excited to find it, or was it just another thing to them?

These questions always filled my mind

I was never sure my questions would be answered

I figured it would just be a mystery

One I would never solve

But I was wrong

I would find out all about the stunning soul who scoped it up

And even though I never met her

She would touch my heart in an incredible way

My book fairy wings spread wide open



treasure landed right in Yvonne's hands

You can read all about it


But let me warn you

You may want to grab a tissue first

It is incredible what magic can unfold

Even between complete strangers

The world works in such a beautiful way