"Ask and you shall receive." I am sure we have all heard that expression before. But how often do we adhere to it? I know for myself that I find it very difficult to ask. Especially when it is something that touches my soul and means a lot to me.

When it comes to work it is easy. I have no problem asking for help. Why do I find it so difficult then to ask when it really means something to me? The gremlins enter my mind. Telling me that I am not worthy or deserving of what my heart is calling for. "Who am I?" the little voice whispers.

Who am I this voice asks?

I am someone who is pushing forward

Gaining courage and strength to reach for her dreams

I am someone who wears a smile proudly on her face

And has a skip in he step every once in awhile

I am brave



And I am fearless

I am someone that will no longer be afraid to ask

I will leap

And I will fly