Standing Tall

It wasn't always like this you know

There were dark moments

When I felt so disconnected

When I felt like I did not fit in at all

When I had no idea who I was

There were moments of incredible sadness,


, and deep


Where I hid myself

Trying to blend into the background

I did not speak up

I tried to go unnoticed

Afraid of making a fool of myself

I do not recall the exact moment it shifted

Maybe it wasn't a moment at all

Rather a series of events

Unlocking my heart piece by piece

Making me more aware

Allowing myself to feel more

Slowly shifting

Slowly my eyes opened

Opened up to the person who was me

Standing inside me this whole time

But I was to scared to look

To afraid to take notice

Now here I stand

Deeply rooted

Leaning towards the sun

Soaking in the beauty of life and living it each day

Smiling widely

Never would this have been possible

If I had not opened up my heart

My soul


But that tender moment


That moment of opening

And now I stand

Showered in love

Heart feeling so full