In this moment

To be honest with ourselves is hard work and it requires us to be brave. We will not always like what we see. But we cannot accept it, let it go, and move on unless we recognize what it is. To recognize something may be easy. The hard part comes when we must forgive ourselves, let go, and move on.

Today I must forgive myself for the way I acted. Because of my lack of belief in myself I said things that I did not mean and acted in a way that was not true to my souls genuine way of being. I must begin to believe in myself. Understand and grasp my self worth. I must realize that what did unfold was a great blessing to me because it is an incredible learning experience.

I became rattled and shaken up. Things were stirred up that I did not realize were there. And that is good to see, to recognize, learn from, let go of, and move on. Stronger, braver, wiser.

The universe knows that I am in a stage of vulnerability. It has been pushing people towards me that I need right now. People that know me, see me, and are pushing me to see myself. What a gift that is. I am so extremely lucky in this life.