Thank You

"Not every conversation will change you. But any conversation can"

I sat across from you

And you saw the inner demons I was fighting

You listened to my struggles, worries, and fears

Never once judging me for the decisions I have made

You spoke honestly with me

As you have always done before

Opening my eyes to the person I have been unable to see

That person is me

You took your time

Making sure that I was listening

Not letting me dispute what you were saying

Allowing me to soak everything in

You knew I was in a tender place

Wrestling with uncertainty

And you lifted me up

Teaching me that I need to believe

Due to the respect I have for you

Your words left a mark on my soul

Carrying me to more solid ground

Where I am able to stand on my own

I struggle to find the words to express

The gratitude I feel

For you being you

And opening my eyes up to me

Thank you does not showcase

How life changing that conversation was for me

But it is all I have

So, thank you, thank you, thank you