I let go

I sat by the river

Collecting my thoughts

Pulling out all the things that were lurking deep inside

I sat there alone for a long time

Listening to the sound of the water rush by

The voices of nature eased the words from my soul

For to long I have been gripping these things tightly

Things that no longer served me

Things that were not mine to own in the first place

I knew it was time to bid them farewell

But I also wanted to honor and thank them

They were each their for me in the moments I needed them

So I let my pen do the talking

Naming each of them and giving them praise

Showing my gratitude for what I learned during our encounter

Then with love I said my goodbyes

Letting them know that they were off on another journey

Destine to find someone else that needed them

I did what I had to do

To heal this piece of me

I let go