Letting go

I show up here

With pen in hand

Ready to let go

Let go of feeling like it is my fault

Let go of thinking I have any control

Let go of the anger about how it all unfolded

Let go of the the way things are now

Let go of the whole ordeal

You are not the person I knew

I thought I was going to be the one to struggle

With the end of us and the beginning of something new

But it is not me who is struggling

I am stronger than I thought

I am secure in who I am

I am standing on solid ground

And I never even realized it until now

Yes this does have something to do with me

But only with a title I was given for a brief moment in time

It is nothing personal

I have memories of who you were

Today I only recognize that person for brief moments in time

Every other moment you are a stranger

So I am letting go

I was and always will be respectful

I handled those moments in time

With grace and dignity

It is not about me

It never has been

And it never will be

I just let go