ramblings from a park bench

I am sitting in the middle of this city

So much is going on around me

People passing by

Each on their own journey

I hear snippets of peoples lives

Snapshots of their most intimate details

Entering my ears as they rush by

Feelings of amazement wash over me as I sit here

I am trying to do my best to soak it all in

To really look at how different everyone is

Yet understand that internally we are all the same

A beating heart

Blood pumping




All of these unseen things connect us

They make us more similar than different

We are more than the clothes we wear

We are more than the job title we have

We are more than the music we listen to

I fantazie about where each of them is going

What is it they are up to

I wonder what their life is like

It is so easy to get soaked into our selfish existence

Forgetting that their are others out there

People we have yet to meet

They are living life

Going through all sorts of things

Struggling, standing, falling,

And picking themselves back up again

I can see more clearly now

I am not the only one that feels pain and happiness

I am not the only one who stumbles time and time again

I am not the only one learning how to gain my footing in this world

There are people out their with broken hearts

They feel lonely, inadequate, and unloved

Their are others out there living life

Soaking in the beauty of the every day

In fact there is a whole world of people

Each of their lives is different than my own

They know different people

Do different things

Have different experiences

Yet they all have one thing in common

They all feel something

Each person experiencing pain, happiness

Laughter and tears

It may not look the same to you are I

But the feeling is the same

Taking the time to sit and watch others

I am able to soak all of this in

Their is much to be seen

Much to be heard

The lives of others are unravelling before us