My days have been hectic

My mind running in every direction

Coming to dead ends

Not sure where to turn

Spinning in circles

Feeling hopeless, lost and sad

Emotions swirled around inside of me

I could not seem to calm them

Or hold them long enough to examine them

The other night

As I curled under my covers

Just about to lie down

I felt something

It was a blue glow

Right there in front of me

It felt so real I could see it with my eyes

A feeling of comfort washed over me

A smile came to my face

I felt calm and at peace

The light whispered to me

"You are ready now, you are ready now"

I am not exactly sure what it was

Or maybe I was dreaming

But since that night I feel calm

Relaxed into myself

An inner peace is holding me gently

Each time I close my eyes

The light is there

Reminding me that

I am ready