estoy listo

beach writing, nags head NC

I walk in the door to my apartment

The quietness engulfs me

It reminds me that I am alone

This reminder of being alone

Is packed full with intense emotion

At times I embrace the silence

It allows me the opportunity to dig deep into my thoughts

Create beautiful things with my hands

And connect with myself

But there are moments when that stillness is deafening

Feelings of isolation surface

A longing for connection swirls inside me

And tears fill my eyes

A constant tug back and forth

Elation and heartache

I cherish the solitude

But souls simply grow better when they are together

Each one reflecting back the others brilliance

Balancing and nudging the other forward

Lifting them up and holding their hand

For awhile I was not ready to embrace love

I needed to venture down my own path

Even though I was unsure of what that was

I stumbled and I fell

But I learned how to pick myself back up

The lessons that came my way were not always easy

But they were powerful

And opened my eyes up to the beauty in telling the truth

I feel confident in myself

Sure of the steps I am taking

And I am ready to not only give love

But to receive it in return


"souls just grown better together" ~ paraphrased from