Precious Moments

Last year this time I was on the Oregon Coast

Surrounded by the most amazing women

Each one so talented, so brave,

So willing to open up and share themselves

It was a moment in time that is forever etched in my heart

And since then I have not been the same

We stood along side one another

Held each others hands

Gave each other space to grow

We were present in the moment

And with each other

We learned how precious sisterhood really is

And we felt the power that happens when women come together

We laughed

We cried

We opened each other up

And held the space for one another

Even though a year has flown by

This sisterhood has remained strong

Support and love swirls through this group

My eyes well up with tears

When a candle is lit

A prayer is said

A hug is given

And a cheer is sung from the mountain tops

Even if it is virtual

It is filled with deep meaning

Thank you scarf sisters

For being exactly who you are

For spreading your wings

And soaring

The journey you are on is precious

And I am so lucky to watch it all unfold