Showing up

I show up here 

because it is food for my soul

A space for my mind and heart 

to purge all the contents that are swirling around

I show up here

because I know no other way

This page is a canvas for me to paint my words on

A blank slate to open up into

I show up here

because it is here that I feel seen

I am freely able to express my thoughts, ideas, and feelings

With unwavering support from others

I show up here

because it allows me the ability to connect 

with myself and with others

It is here that I know I am not alone

I show up here

and I am so glad that you show up as well

Thank you for every time you visit


d for each comment you make

Reading what you have to say lights me up inside

I see you, in all your beauty

I show up here 

to feel the connection we all have

We are never alone, ever