I cherish....

* I cherish my studio apartment and the love and strength I feel when I am here

* I cherish giggling in the rain. It is a door that has lead me to so many wonderful and inspiring people

* I cherish my proximity to my family. Living so close allows us the opportunity to spend so much time together. It is lovely.

* I cherish art retreats and how much my world has grown because of them. Opening my eyes and heart up to so much love and support.

* I cherish that I live so close to mountains that I can hike in. Taking a walk through nature always opens my heart and clears my head.

* I cherish my bicycle. Giving me so much freedom and the opportunity to explore the world around me in fresh new ways.

* I cherish my friendships and the love and support we give one another. Nothing is more powerful than what an happen when we are kind to one another, cheer each other on, and support one another.

* I cherish my connection with writing. It heals me. Pushes me forward and allows me a place to show myself to the world.

* I cherish the sound of the ocean and the feel of sand beneath my toes. Nothing grounds me more than the ocean.

* I cherish kindness. It is what brings us together. Lifts us up. And propels us forward

~ what do you cherish?