I was standing there

But I felt like I was somewhere else

Looking in on this interaction that was taking place

I was speaking

Yet I was not sure where the words were coming from

I felt like myself yet also totally outside of myself

Words were coming out of my mouth

Yet I was not even sure what I was saying

They came quickly and without thought

My heart was beating a little bit faster

Redness flooded my cheeks

I surprised myself with my inner reaction

I was not sure exactly what I was saying

Or even where it was coming from

All I knew is that I wanted to keep the conversation going

I wanted to hear more

Listen to the stories

Look into those eyes

What does one say to someone they never met before

But would like the privilege of getting to know?

What are the right words to bring someone in?

What was coming out of my mouth sounded foreign

I was stumbling over words and thoughts

Struggling a bit to keep myself going

Then I walked away

Without looking back

Never asking the question I really wanted to ask

I was awakened with nervous energy

Pulled towards this unknown

Filled up with hope again

A brief interaction

Infusing my heart

With the possibility of what lies ahead