"your good"

"your good" he says

When I am deep down in the trenches

Unsure of how I will find my way out

Struggling, fighting, blinded by the road ahead

"your good" he says

When I think I cannot take another step

Exhaustion setting in

Thoughts of failure overtaking my confidence

"your good" he says

When I feel defeated

My hope has dwindled

And I am struggling to see myself

No matter where I am

he says "your good"

And he is right

I am good

If I am deep in the trenches

Struggling to take another step

or fighting to keep hope alive

I am good

In that moment

Where ever I am

I am exactly where I need to be

I am good

I have worked hard to get to that point


 and pushed myself forward

I have been on the constant look out for how to take the next step

And when I find it I forge right ahead and take it

I may not be where I want to be

I may wish to be further along on the journey

I may stumble and I may fall

But wherever I am, I am good